I'm Andy.

I create web stuff.

Who am I?

I'm Andy, and I'm a Web Developer from the Central Coast of California. I'm passionate about the web and creating awesome stuff with it.

My Work

SMM Water Company

This is the website for San Miguelito Mutal Water Company. I did the design & development for the front-end, and connected it to a CMS which was built by another developer on the team.

HTML (Jade)CSS (SASS)JavaScript


This is the website for the band Goldboot. I implemented the design as a theme for OctoberCMS, and used Angular for the music & tour sections to consume both the Bandsintown and Soundcloud APIs.

PHPOctoberCMSAngularJSAPI Consumption


I built easyForecast as a way to learn how to consume APIs in Angular.

AngularJSForecast.ioAPI Consumption

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